Online Ordering Apps Discussion


It’s your own. So consumer visits your Facebook or website or app to order. It has your own menu and only your restaurant graphics etc.


And it sits on top of your website so you just need to add a few lines of code to add their button. They host the menu on GF servers (Amazon AWS).

For a partner, they do the whole thing white label - so unless you dig deep in the T&C there is no mention of them, and even the mention is for their main company GlobalFood Tech from which it is not easy to link to GloriaFood.

Partners can either use resell model or affiliate model, or a mixture of both (you get discount after signup 5 businesses to stop abuse). You can even pay for a fully rebranded admin / complete system - even emails come from your own domain (see Even without that, you have your own company details on bottom of menu, in all emails and logo in admin. If you go with free partner model, admin and all emails go under the generic

If you have your own custom domain, you can also sign up new customers from your login page so they can even join the free plan but under your own branded system. Then you can set pricing as you wish.

You also have ability to hide features you don’t want shown to your clients, like their own website feature, or their branded app feature. (If you have your own alternative solutions)