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What is your thoughts on Gloriafood table reservation? I have shown a few customers, they don’t like it. They don’t like the fact a table reservation comes in like an order and they must respond to it in 3 minutes otherwise it is rejected. I also think this is silly - a table reservation does not necessarily need immediate action like an order does, but Gloriafood just put it through the same channel. I think they implemented the feature just to have it but never really thought about how the customer would use it. Mentioned to Gloriafood, as always, they know best and etc etc. I have a few customers use Gloriafood but use other services for table reservation.


@markjw have you considered tasty igniter. We are looking at using them as an alternative to GF. It’s open source and free of cost. Also let’s you work without having a tablet in between to accept orders for most fast paced environments.


Yes, but last time I looked there is no documentation for the API, which makes any integration difficult


True that but the project owner is quite active in responding on the forum. Some people have made comments on their forum that they have successfully integrated a Sms or gprs printer to accept orders.


Just wait end of this year and they are coming up with Laravel and it was used to be Code Igniter framework from PHP

Laravel will be much better and it has API supported by itself

They are planning for Multi Tenant as well (you can host for all your customers at one DB) and dB could be MySQL, POSTGRE or MARIA


That sounds great. Look forward to it.


I think they should rethink table reservation. The 3 minute time limit is a bit silly for it I agree. However in the bigger picture of things it works well for us. Table reservation for us is only for large parties otherwise we never reserve tables.


3 minutes is not long if your busy when reservation comes in… Does seem very sort.
Maybe if it was for that day but a future booking definitely should allow longer


The 3 minutes comes from order accepted… its great for food orders but I can agree with table reservation it does not have as much significance. However I can say that for some restaurants like mine where I do 30-50 online orders a day with most of them coming in around 11a-1pm and 5p-8p having the same time limit for table reservation is a good thing. It keeps my staff on top of things and they keep the same routine/flow. Also tables is not my type of restaurant we only reserve for large parties.

If they are serious about table reservation for restaurants that primarily do that service then yes they should give an option to choose the time limit. Heck they should give us that option for any of it… ive asked them and they are stubborn about it. They always say something along the lines of we know what restaurants need more than you do…


This is my honest review of it. The customer interface for ordering is really basic compared to GF. It is more complicated and not as polished. Online ordering needs to be so simple my 2 year old can do it. The admin panel also is overly complicated compared to GF.

GF works very well, I still think it is the best online ordering platform out there even though they are stubborn as heck and don’t listen. Although I think they do listen its just a front… ive seen some changes go in recently that I am sure were customer complaints.

As a reseller standpoint I would feel much more confident pushing GF based on the customers ease of use to order food its that simple. Also they are easy to contact if we need anything, even though they are stubborn. Their reseller dashboard is great and they offer some good resources to.


GF API is simple and works quite well. What is different about Laravel API? How is it much better?


@shmoulana You know that Laravel is just a code backend right? You must be talking about a solution built on Laravel? If so what is it called?

I found this:

Is this it?


Bottom line for me when it comes to online Food Ordering apps. It needs to be so easy to use anyone from the age of 16-80+ can use it with ease. It should not look like a typical web form with round check boxes etc. It needs to flow with well built modern menu that is image driven and it needs to offer a wow factor for the customer.

It doesnt matter what API or what features it has to make it easier on the Restaurant Owner or reseller if the customers dont use it. Customers dont care about that stuff. I have looked at them all and tried most of them and without a doubt GF has the best customer forward interface for ordering food.

Online ordering competes with a basic phone call which is personable and simple to do.


Here is a side by side comparison of Tasty Igniter vs GF I think its very clear which one is more user friendly.

Tasty Igniter is cramming too much into it. Customers will not care to see a reviews tab eveyrtime they login to order food. They wont care to see all that crud at the top either. All they want to see is the food they want to order.

So far I have yet to be convinced that there is any solution better to GF. GF by far is light years ahead of the competition for Consumers wanting to order food online.


The one you are looking at are old version and they are rewriting everything on Laravel - Framework on TOP of PHP and we have a facility to create themes and we can modify as per the wish

As far as the API is concerned, it has the plugins and if we enable, the methods are exposed via Controllers (MVC Term)


No Laravel is the PHP Framework


I do not mean any disrespect I am sure its going to be a good solution for a lot of people. I will remain skeptical that it can compare to ease of use for the customer as GF. Until proven wrong nothing I have seen comes close.

Like I said to the customer they dont care about the backend, API, etc. Most solutions seem to forget that and the customer interface ends up overly complicated.


What you said here suggests that Laravel is the online ordering app. I knew that wasnt the case but it sounded like thats what you said.


I agree with you to a great extent but my problem with GF is simple they dont listen to a lot of requests put forward by our clients. Here in AUS we have requested them for surcharging feature for public holidays which is well accepted by the end user here. Their feedback to me was it dropping brand value and shouldnt be followed. We asked them for some promotional features they refused us saying they work internationally and know better. I have a customer who has a huge 200 seater restaurant who doesnt want to take GF due to them not listening to customer feedback.

Another beauty I like about Tasty Igniter is that its a one stop shop. Lets you do a lot with websites table reservation and so on so forth. Once they have the documentation ready might be able to do a lot more. Again being open sourced can be customised to a great potential.


This type of app has never been required for my clients but am interested in table bookings.

I havn’t researched GF much as doesnt apply to my clients but is it like justeat where people order on their site and their site is main source of traffic/orders or is it primarily a tool you use on your website to accept online orders?