Open a created ticket by table number using number pad

Hi everyone! I’m very new here and I have a question to ask. In Germany, people prefer to use POS almost everything with a number pad like the old POS system. I have configured to open a ticket by a table number, but I can’t manage to open an already created ticket to check order and do some other stuff. When I tried to open the created ticket, it seems to add more ticket to a table. The similar problem is posted here Number pad to choose entity. Is there anyone know how to deal with the problem by creating rules and actions please help!

Show the Rules and Actions you are using to achieve this now.

You probably just need to switch out the Create Ticket Action with a Display Ticket Action.


Thanks, QMcKay for your brief reply. The problem Ticket Display provides only input as ticket id. I guess I need to find the id by tablet number input from number pad, but I’m not familiar with how to write rules and actions. Could you instruct me how to solve the problem?

Here is some rules and actions that I have. I need to configure to make it Ticket button works with also the open ticket with number pad inputs.

Here is the one that I get when choose the ticket number one more time


Your creating a ticket as part of the flow.
The change ticket entity is selecting entity, you don’t have a ticket open so it is creating ticket (disabling can create won’t help btw), and display ticket with 0 is just refreshing that ticket.
What you need to do is use the number pad value into a report expression to report the tickets for entity based on the input value using display ticket action as the call for the ticket using Id of the report expression.
Your automation command action would be along the lines of
Display ticket

That’s not tested just a rough guide.

You will likely need to have a couple of rules/actions with action constraints to account for;
No tickets = start new ticket
single ticket = open
Multiple tickets = show ticket list.


Thanks a lot. I have followed your instruction, but I’m a newbie :(. I tried to display the ticket by table number, but I have no luck. I tried to put the report template in a message than I got something like “{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Id:(TEN.Table=B15) AND (TS.Status=Unpaid)}”. It seems that the number pad number works but the query doesn’t work. if you can take a look please tell me. Otherwise please give me a hint how to debug.

I just want to update the query works now. Thanks

We’ll post what you changed for others which might find your post…
If you don’t share your solutions clearly it doesn’t help the community.

Yes, Off course I will share, but it works for me only the query to get Ticket ID. I need your help to fulfill the task.

You mean the multiple rules/actions.
Use ticket count expression to seperate the flow;

Use something like this to return the ticket count for the table;

Then use that in constraints something like this;

[=TN(’{REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TEN.Table={:NUMBERPAD}) AND (TS.Status=Unpaid)}’] < 1
For no open tickets on action you already use to create ticket and set its table

[=TN(’{REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TEN.Table={:NUMBERPAD}) AND (TS.Status=Unpaid)}’] = 1
With the expression to get the ticket ID on display ticket action to show the only ticket

[=TN(’{REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TEN.Table={:NUMBERPAD}) AND (TS.Status=Unpaid)}’] > 1
For if there are multiple tickets on a display ticket list action to display ticket list for tickets of that table


@3shoot I think you’re misunderstanding @JTRTech’s intention by requesting to share. Depending on the specific case there are multiple ways to achieve a feature in SambaPOS. If we know how you want to implement that we can make better suggestions for your exact case.