OPEN Cash Drawer in Windows 10 without SambaPOS

Is there a way to open the cash drawer out of Samba application in Windows 10?

You need to connect it to a printer and use the kick code.

Utility from drivers often has option for drawer kick.
Outside of that possibly other options depending on interface used.

There’s a lever under the cash drawer that you can press/pull and it’ll open the drawer.

Lifting the drawer is not a option. It needs to something like a .bat command

You can’t hook the printer?

It is hooked to the printer, is it possible to execute the XCT command in a bat file, if so can anyone show me how please?

What sort of interface is on the cash drawer?

You put the xct into a printer template in Sambapos.

@Jesse appreciate the feedback but I already have my cash drawer working in SambaPOS.

I wanted to find a way to OPEN the cash drawer in Windows 10 without SambaPOS.

The other day SQL server stopped and SambaPOS couldn’t connect and my staff could not OPEN the till to carry on working. So apart from the key method I’m looking for a way to pop open the drawer via a method within Windows 10.

@JTRTech This I need to explore further.

Ah I must have missed that sorry.

Surely the better solution would be to find out and resove whatever made service stop.


Of course this was resolved pretty quickly remotely.

The SqlServer service had stopped maybe due to a forced shutdown.

This will let you open up your cash drawer

You can also look into using something like AutoHotKey so that if you press for instamce F9, the cash drawer will open withouth any need to go find the shortcut on the desktop

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Cheers pal, worked a treat. Exactly what I was after.