Open/Create Ticket Action (Self Service)

Auto command executed event.

But then you can’t find that “Custom Button” in the dropdown :confused:

You create an auto command button…

Read what i wrote above. If you look at the tutorial also. You can see one column says auto command and in it a name of auto command button

But instead of mapping to nav screen. Dont put any mapping at all. Remove mapping and save it.

Then in the rule you can find the name of button.

After rule is created… you create that custom button from menu settings and put name of button you made and save.

You dont need to create an automation command button.
The custom menu item has the automation command name.
In the rule, rather than selecting from the drop down just type the automation command name…
Same as you would for ask question or execute automation command action. The fields do not have to always be set with the dropdown options (although creating a button will create it in the dropdown) you not need to though.

Ahh apologies. I was always under that impreasion that you do need one even if it isnt mapped. In saying that though i know when i use ask question i put an amc name even though i disnt create one and using another rule it does fire so yes you dont exactly need it but its good to have it i suppose for purposes of drop down list. Easier for some to understand

Actually, if you don’t need a button to press you don’t need to create automation command at all. You just have to type in Automation Command Name in the rule (not show in the drop down list).

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