Open Drawer Log

@emre Im trying to adapt the open drawer counter to include the user that opened the drawer, the date and the time. Ive tried adapting the update program setting action but this just overwrites the data, is there anyway we can get the option to ADD in the action. At the moment we can INCREASE, DECREASE, TOGGLE, DELETE, UPDATE but all these overwrite the previous data, having the option to ADD could then help to easily create a log using custom reports as below

if i now log in as another user and open the cash drawer it logs it but overwrites the data above, what i want is to add it instead so i can add it as another line on the report. Or is there another action i can use bearing in mind there is not an open ticket when the open drawer auto command is used so things like ticket logs wont work

Have you not tried ticket log or tasks for this? Program setting is meant for simple things not complex logs.

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not yet, ticket logs wouldnt work though as there is no ticket when opening cash drawer? ill have a look at tasks

Program settings are not made for this but if your thinking to create a string log within the setting add can be easily achived by updating the setting value using the program setting.
So seccond time would make it NEW-DATA-NEW-DATA, third time NEW-DATA-NEW-DATA-NEW-DATA.
Same principle of how I log customer points system updating entity data field using the previous value in a formula back into the same field.
Could you maybe create a ‘dummy ticket’ on work period start and pragmatically update its ticket log using load ticket?
Or maybe use tasks?

Task would be the way to go. The Tasks table in the DB even has a User field, and a Date field, etc, etc.


Ill have a play with tasks not used them yet :grinning: