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I have created a ‘MISC’ product which we sometimes use to process random payments amounts. Is there a way to make this a open price item so I can enter amount on numerator pad and hit the ‘MISC’ product which will then set the price for this item?

1.Create a portion without price your product (MISC).
2. Add you product to the menu.
3. Select your product.
4. In the pad enter new price.
5. Select product description on ticket.
6. Click Change Price Button.

I hope this works for you.

Hi Tingol

Yes this is what I have been currently doing, however it would be easier if we could enter the price on the pad and then hit the MISC product to set the price.

Any ideas Emre?


That is how we currently add quantity to an item, enter a number and hit the item.
But in saying that, set your Misc item to $1.00, enter the price on the number pad and select the Misc item and its price will be correct.

Nice one JohnS, your a legend.

If product price is 0 we can update price instead of quantity. What do you think @Isaac? @JohnS?

Never mind I’ve added it. Let me know if it creates some unexpected issues for different 0 price cases.

JohnS suggestion works fine.

Great idea Emre. That will make it a neater solution.

Unless it’s changed since V3, changing price is an Admin-only option, which I always found strange. A Manager, and perhaps a trusted Cashier should be able to change price as well, but the button is inactive, and won’t allow price modification, unless the login is marked as being an Admin.

You have chance to update selected order prices with Update Order Action

You can use {:NUMBERPAD} value to access numberpad content.

Open Price Option works perfect on v4.1.14

Thanks Emre

In our restaurant servers are not allowed to change prices. We do open food items the following way.

  1. Create new product Misc. Food
  2. Set price to 0.01. Must have a price otherwise ticket can not be paid(settled).
  3. Create a Order Tag with Free Tagging. Server enters Misc. Food description and price using Order Tag.
  4. Auto select Misc. Food product.

Works pretty well.

It will be great if we can add Misc. Food products without a price.

Sorry to be picky, but why do you not allow your servers to change prices, but allow them to enter misc items at a variable price ?

If this is due to chalk board specials, it really only takes 5mins to create the items and display in a menu.

Also, the latest feature is that you can use the numberpad to enter the price and then select a misc item (zero priced) to set the price.


If I allow price change on products, it becomes harder to track when servers are changing prices on products. If a product does not have the right price, I correct it immediately.

Misc. Items and not used often. Usually they are used on the bar items.

When I close the day, I check for Misc. Items. If I have a Misc. Item that is used frequently, I add it to menu.

I will try the new feature soon.

New feature works great. It adds $1 if price is not entered. Is this by design?

I would be nice if we have a checkbox to ask for price in product options.

E.G. Create a product with ask for price and when item is selected numberpad comes up asking for price.


I have come across a problem. I have a Custom Breakfast Product which has to start at zero price as the price accumulates when we add chargeable items from a Order Tag. See screenshot:

Can we please have a way to have zero priced items please?

OK. Will be fixed on next update.

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I can confirm this now works as expected. Thanks @emre

Hi @emre, was just about to go live with v4 after completing my endless list of products and order tags.
However, I have come across yet another problem:

I have zero priced drinks which are part of a set breakfast deal and have null value. But I’m unable to close the ticket, see screenshot:

How do I allow these tickets to be closed? Maybe we can have a checkbox option within the product that allows zero priced products.