Open sambapos4.sdf file

While opening samba pos4.sdf file username and password is required. What is it. Is it some default ? Pls help

User Id=sa; Password=sambapos;
User Id=sa; Password=1234;

how to open it using sql ce toolbox???

Sorry, I have no experience in sql ce toolbox.

then pls recommend any software to do so

By default there is no username or password for sdf files.

but everytime its asking for a password

Please spare a little more time to explain your issue properly.

What do you mean by “it”? What asking password?

im using ce query installer for opening sdf file. it shows following when i open sambapos4.sdf with it.

and the second image is when i enter any password into it.
what to do.

Did you installed SQL Server CE 4.0 on your computer?

yes sir i did installed sql ce during setup of samba pos

Seems like you need to contact developers of that ce query installer application. No password needed to access sdf files.

sir then suggest the right way to open it and the right software


it did the job sir, thanks