Open ticket is closed

Any ideas on ending a work period when Sambapos says there is one open ticket but, there isn’t? My last backup was in September so best not go back there! I tried rebuild indexes but I’m a bit scared to try anything else. I’ll make matters worse without some advice, I think.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Have you gone into the tickets module, Selected open tickets only and set the time from the date of your last backup to todays date

That should bring up any open tickets

Thanks for replying, Rick. That was the first thing I did. No open tickets are listed. Thanks all the same.

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Go to Manage → Reports → New Report
Copy this into the reports field and press Preview:

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketNumber:T.IsClosed=False}

This should give you the ticket number that is open. If you have pre-order tickets, they will also be listed. In that case, give us more details about the pre-order tickets to be able to filter them out.

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what Bob said should solve it. You probably have a ticket with States that have been manipulated to make it think its closed when the real database flag for that for work periods is the IsClosed column of the ticket. It must be set to True to be fully closed. This is controlled by the Mark Ticket as Closed action that’s typically in the Before Ticket Closing default rule.

The transaction number is 5269. I’ve put that number in the constraint box of the Ticket Payment Check rule. I have run the rule, opened the invoice, voided most of the items leaving just a 1€ item which I marked as paid cash.

And it worked. Thanks Bob and Jesse.

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