Open ticket to change payment methods


I am currently running SambaPOS4 at a restaurant. I was wondering if the following can be programmed:

  1. Tickets are allowed to be edited at the end of the day,
  2. However, only the payment “type” can be edited. That is wether the payment was made via Credit Card or Cash.
  3. Get an end of the day report on all the edits that were made for the entire day.


Reopening closed tickets is possible but generally not encouraged. It can open to abuse either by staff but potentially for ‘tax reduction’ tactics
Changing payment totals can be achived in other ways by creating seperate adjustments. Simplest way would be to refund x$ and pay back same x$ with correct amount.
At hotel locally usually they would just use an open priced function menu product to do this but it happens less often nowadays and since we work from PMS accounts which i intergrated samba with I can adjust in that system since for them till is mainly used for item sales reporting rather than financial.

Hi! I’m using Samba POS4. How can I use the refund function?

This forum is for SambaPOS 5 so it would be recommended you upgrade to V5. V4 is over 4 years old and not many people have experience with it anymore. Definitely you can implement a refund function in V5.