Open, unpaid (pre-paid) ticket lost or mixed every often

Hi, i wonder if you can help me.

I followed the tutorials and created pre-paid tickets that i use for my account customers that settle the bill at the end of each week.

Some how, they get deleted, lost or not seen anymore. Even worst, it opens another customer ticket when the customer is selected. Eg, i have x customer with £10 tap and B customer with £20. When i select X, i see the B ticket.

What would cause the issue? The only changes i made to system as follows;

Installed the tutorial here so i could still have the open tickets after work period is closed. > Custom Simple Loyalty Card Features
Remove the phone number field on customer account entry area

What would cause the issue?

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How are you trying to recover them? Through Tickets on main menu? If so you have to set your date for previous days or nothing will show up.

However instead of leaving tickets open why not use customer accounts and pay tickets out using customer account? Then customer can pay on their account. You can even have it set so it will not let them purchase anything else if x dollar amount is met in their account until they pay on the account.

Frankly, the ticket screen in main menu is not bringing up my tickets. (those get lost or even the once that i open/settled. (I made sure i choose the proper date from the calendar.

do you think there is an issue with my system setup?

could you be able to help me out how to set up customer accounts that does not require pre/paid or funds to be available prior to transaction. My customers orders as they go (open tabs) and pay at the end of Friday. There are about 3/4 transactions a day in average. That is why, if the ticket is lost or mixed up there is no way to chaise up the correct amount.

Thanks in advance

Set it to Debit and it should work like a credit line. Customer accounts is definitely the best way to go. You can always check each customers balance… etc. You should not be leaving unpaid tickets like that. BTW they are not called OPEN tickets if they were open you would not be able to close workperiod. What you mean is they are unpaid. More than likely its something to do with the Entity assignment and going across work periods like that.

Look up customer accounts in the search and you should find lots of information. The tutorial you followed is not what you want. He was showing how to make accounts that work like a debit system where there has to be funds on the account to purchase. You need a credit system.

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Kendash, thank you so much! I will look into setting up debit accounts and start from scratch. What you say make lots of sense.