Option to choose worpkeriod to report on


I would love to have a drop-down menu in report screen that would let me choose any past workperiod (by it’s date&time range AND it’s name which can be entered when starting a WP but does not seem to have a use for now) and make a report on this specific WP.

I might be doing something wrong but I really struggle to make reports for a specific WP period as the only option we have is setting a start and end date. Samba somehow tries to choose a WP that fits the date range the best but it mostly drives me crazy :slight_smile:

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If you do multiple workperiod in a day it is very hard to get just one period.
Dates wise what it does I beleive is take the first work period that opens in the from date.
The end is a little more querky as it was changed to help seperate if you worked past midnight, what I think it does is if you select say 10th and there is only one wp end it takes the end from the previous night, if there are two, ie 9th closed after midnight and and 10th before midnight it takes the first wp end on 10th.

What version of SambaPOS are you using? If V5, what is the version number?

If you enter a start and end date range, then refresh, check the drop down list and it should show you all the work periods within that date range.

In recent versions (not exactly sure when but likely around 5.1.62 or above), you can enter a date and time into the start/end fields and it will report within that specific time, even within a work period.


Missed that, thats good.

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Tip: Also you should be able to manually type time ranges to override work periods.

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missed that too. This is basically what I requested except for the WP name. Would be nice to give some use to the WP naming feature which is implemented in Samba for some time.
E.g. displaying the WP name next to its range in the drop down list?

Yeah I agree, the “Description” field does not seem to do anything, it does not show anywhere. Honestly IMHO it can just be removed, but also if not would be good to show it on the work period screen and also alongside the WP name on reports screen @emre

mind = blown

thanks for that lol

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