Option to disable full screen mode

Was just wondering if there is a way to disable the full screen mode for a samba instance?
It would be handy if on say a back office PC where samba will not be running as sole purpose that it loads into windowed mode.

You can just double click logo to take it to windowed…

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I know about that but would be nice to have an option to just stay in windows mode from the beginning for ‘office PCs’ where full screen is never wanted.

Oh I see. I understand what your asking. Personally I never really found a double click to be troublesome.

I know its not a big hassle double clicking on the logo but if it were not a big job to add an option in Local Settings --> Display with validate exit and window scaling etc. would be a nice touch for general users wanting most convenient options when using in backoffice/non EPOS machine.


if the office PC has windows 10… you could just open a separate desktop for it.

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I wanted the feature to open in windowed mode quite some time ago, but never actually asked for it. Even a command-line switch in the shortcut would suffice. I did try modifying the shortcut to set it to “minimized”, but it seems SambaPOS ignores this.

I have gotten used to not having the ability to open windowed, but it would still be a nice feature to have.


I have done this before with a few APP’s using a command line invoke on launch like this:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS5\Samba.Presentation.exe -win”

Of course this would have to be coded first and also be an available function - just an idea.

I also would like the option for it to open directly to window mode, as @JTRTech suggests an option in Local settings woul be the most suitable I think.

I don’t want users to enable it from a local setting but having a secret command line parameter is possible. Try -windowed switch on next (.51) update.

Honestly if not requested by that much high reputation people I’d just ignore it.


I just tested this with the latest Dev release and it works great. It is not released yet but will be with 5.1.51. You edit your executable and add -windowed at end like this: