Option to sort Category Products Automatically

Request to have an option to sort Category Products.

Usage case:
I have a Pasta Category which includes 33 different Pasta products. It will be very handy if products can be sorted alphabetically. It will make it easier for servers to find products.


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This can be done manually, select the category and then click on Product Properties, within the popup window it will display all your products for that category and there is a column called Sort Order, see screenshots:

Enter 10 for your first product, 20 for your second and so on.

Hi @Isaac

I am aware we are able to sort manually, I was asking if there could be an option to enable automatic sorting if desired.


Since this is one of the overlooked features of SambaPOS I wanted to let you know in case you’ve not noticed it. In a ticket you can display keyboard and type a product name to search. It also supports partial search. For example If you want to search for Spagetti Napoliten you can type Sp Na to find it. Might be a useful feature until people learns where buttons stands.

I observed after few weeks of usage staff adds some items with finger memory and even not look at the screen. So I don’t recommend automatic sorting since it will change button locations as new products added or renamed. Sort it manually and place most requested items to top.

I agree with you that servers learn product locations and they trend to enter orders without looking. I think automatic sorting might have limited benefits. E.G.

  1. New servers will find products much faster if they are sorted
  2. Adding a new product will only shift existing products by one or two locations.

I think, it will be good if manual sort is the default and have an option to auto sort a category.

Best Regards,

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I was thinking the same. Some of my Categories are Alphabetical, while others are not, and there is good reason for each case. Having an Option / Button to click to sort alphabetically would be handy sometimes.

I feel I should listen that.


Looks good. Thank you.