Order confirmation sms to customer

In my current setup, I am using an sms platform integrated with sambapos to send delivery details to my riders.

However I also want to send order confirmation text to my customers when they place an order.

I need help setting up sms printer template with order details.

Would really appreciate if some can help me in setting up the template.


We are working for a advanced order system.
Currently beta relase published and only German language supported.

If u want to try ;

This is customer app.

We have a other app for Managment.


I will explain other details and shoot a video in the coming days.

Some screenshots …

Looks goods . Would love to know more about.

So just to be clear. My customer can use this app to order food.

And this app is integrated with sambapos.

Thanks alot

Application working with SambaPOS v5.

All details can be managed on managment app.

-Customer registraton
-Order confirmation
-Deliverer tracking
-Online reservation
And many other.

Excellent. How can I try the beta version?

I’ve already downloaded the app.

Thanks alot

I will give detailed information for you to try later.