Order current price less than initial price


I need help for this. After i click the settle button on the ticket ordering screen, i want the program to check the current price for each order added. If the current price is less than the initial price then i want to use the initial price

Initial price = order price before the order tags added
current price = order price after the order tags added

If it’s not clear i will add screenshots later

Maybe explain your reason for this as struggling to understand what your doing?

There are multiple expressions for price which are shown in the printer template help list. PRICE, EXACT PRICE, TOTAL PRICE etc

The reason i need this is because i have order tags with a negative price. When adding these order tags to a product, the price of the product it will be lower than the original price. I want the customer to pay the original price of the product and not the new one which is lower. that’s why i need to check for each order if the price after the order tags added is lower than the original order price


burger $20
no cheese -$0.50
no bacon -$0.50
add mushrooms $0.50

new order price: $19.50

I want the customer to pay $20

Why would you have negative tags if you don’t want to charge that. That makes no sense.

Im guessing he wants to have single set of tags which are chargeable extras and allow swapping etc but prevent discount. Kind of see what hes asking.

I imagine possible solution on order tag updated/changed event, evaluating product price against total price and updating an ‘adjustment tag’ to make up the difference if lower.

You can just clone the tags take price out and map to products.

As you can see on the first screenshot i have added some order tags. In the second screenshot is the rule if i press the check button in the first screenshot

The action(update order tag price) first checks if the {ORDER TAG TOTAL} is less than 0. If it is then i want to change the price for each added order tag to 0. I don’t know what i need to put in the second screenshot to achieve that. Pls help is important


That won’t give you the result you want though, just because the total was less than 0 doesn’t mean they are all negative and that changing to 0 would work…
My suggestion would be to have an additional order tag for adjustment and update that tags value to the difference between the current total price and the product price or the order tag total (if less than 0) * -1 TO MAKE IT A POSITIVE.

Ok. For the second screenshot can you please help me how can I change the price for all order tags added using the update order tag price action?

Not 100% sure.
Firstly though shy do you have two fields exactly the same?
Have you tried just putting a price in without a tag name and seeing if it updates them all?

I would just do the work and create a second group of 0 priced order tags and map to the products.

I don’t want to have another group with zero priced order tags. There is no solution to change the order tags prices to a specific one by pressing a button?

You won’t just have another group. The products on menu will only show the group mapped to them. It won’t show both groups. This is how it’s meant to be setup. Yes it’s a little work to clone a group and set prices to 0 but honestly it would only take a few seconds.

All you do is clone the group set 0 prices then set your item mapping.

Can you please help me on how to do this?

Right click the group press clone group. Then open it and go to mappings. Map it to the items you need. Set the mapping for the group with prices accordingly as well.

Sorry but i don’t understand. I don’t want to do it mannualy. I want an action which will change the order tags price to 0. If there is no such action please suggest what to do. For my second screenshot there is no any special character for order tag name and order tag value in order to read all the added tags and change their price?

You don’t understand how to right click the group and press clone? Can you not find the mapping option of the group?

No there is no action to just change a price like that. Yes through overly complicated and crazy automation you could maybe do it. Or you can spend tops of 2-5 minutes to clone the group set prices to 0 and set your mapping to the products.

Maybe you haven’t explained why your wanting this. It would help if you explained your need for this we can suggest better solutions.

that’s great

Jesse i apologize, maybe i was not too clear in what i was asking. After i am done with adding the order tags, if the order tag total price is greater than zero, i will need the order tag total price to be added on the product price like it is normally done automatically. In this case there is no need for me to do anything. My issue is if the order tag total is less than zero, i don’t want the order tag total price to be substracted on the product price but keep the product price. As JTRTech has already mentioned above, if this is the case, i could add a new order tag by using the tag order action, whoes price will be defined in the rule by multiplying the order tag total by -1. Finally the new order tag total will be zero and the product price will not be affected.

Can you please help me in what to write in the order tag price field on the screenshot below in order to achieve the above? I have already tried writting this {ORDER TAG TOTAL}*-1 but it didn’t work.