Order Line - Automation Command Button Mapped to a paid ticket

Is there a way to map a Order Line Automation Command Button to a “Paid” Ticket? I know I can do it when a button is mapped to a Ticket, but I want it to be on an order line.

Or am I looking at creating an Order State that will be applied to all orders when a ticket is paid?

Hey bob… the only way I know of is to create a new state that also marks the products on the ticket as paid so you can read that state from order level. You can of course hide that state from showing for most users except admin.

The reason is because Order Line only has visibility to Order Level queries and not Ticket Level.

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Thanks @Jesse! I was hoping I was missing something.

Hi @Jesse can’t we call the RemainingAmount on the visible States to be equal 0?

  1. States don’t have ticket amounts
  2. What do you mean call on the visible states?
  3. RemainingAmount is a ticket value not order value
  4. The mapping of automation commands can filter by states but it does not support expressions.
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