Order Note for Android client

Hi, i have create Automate for order note to kitchen it working fine when i use in computer but, when i use mobile app why it is not work ?, impossible this for mobile client or any additional config to do ?

Mobile app does not trigger every rule. Some automation won’t be available in it.

Is that mean we cannot use in Mobile app ?

Order Note to kitchen is very helpfull for some Clients - appreciated if Samba consider to develop please

You can do ticket notes. You could also define order tags for it.

That kind of function may be added with an update.

Hello @Canyou_Seeme,

As @Jesse mentioned, you can try using Order Tags to achieve what you want;
1- Create an order tag called freetag on SambaPOS,
Main Menu > Manage > Tickets > Order Tag Groups >Add Order Tag Group >
(You should type exactly like how I did because it is Case Sensitive) select Free Tagging check box and then add a row for Mappings Section.

2- Restart Samba Messaging Server

3- Reconnect your mobile to SambaPOS;
On your Mobile Device, Settings > Password is 2122520634 > Set IP Address of Main Computer > Find Settings > If everything is okay click on Save > Update > Login


Thank you for your sugguest and sorry for my delay update this - for your sugguestion i am not sure how it work before try would be create if you are think it would be meet my need,

  • For this function, can i use it to note, for each sigle menu order note ?
  • As @Jesse sugguest me for ticket notes, this option is for note for whole order in ticket - i need for single order note, example i have 5 orders same check then i can comment each items for kitchen

Thank you and appreciated

That is a free tag custom order tag so yes that would work. Try it and let us know how it goes.

@Nizam and Jese, This is actactly what i want thank you and appreciate