Order print multiple printers


i want to print one order to multiple printers.
can u tell me steps of these

Create different print jobs mapped to you different printers, so if you have three printers you will need three print jobs with each one assigned to a different printer

Then create 3 print job actions, 1 for each print job and add those three actions to the rule where you want the tickets to print

When that rule is activated it will do all of the actions in the rule so it will print each of the three print jobs, as each print job is assigned to a printer each printer will print its assigned ticket



If he wants same order on three different printers then he needs to follow what @rickh suggested. Mapping may not work for that. But mapping works great for splitting orders from same ticket to different printers. Thanks for that example @gsreddy

actually that was my question
one ticket print from multiple printers

tell me what is right work

If printing same ticket with same orders to multiple printers then you need to just clone the Print Job 3x name it 3 different names and then make 3 actions for each print job and add all 3 actions to your rule. Or a more advanced way is to use variable in action and add that 1 action 3x into rule and list print jobs while inside rule.

Obviously each print job needs mapping to each different printer.

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