Order state plain total:x

Hi @emre

I know {ITEM TAG PLAIN TOTAL:X} exisits, but for something I am working on {ORDER STATE PLAIN TOTAL:X} would be really useful. Do you think there is any chance you could introduce this tag?

There isn’t price definition tag on order tags so what are you trying to get? Exc tax value?

It’s really convulted, but I have some items in my menu which are actually priced in foreign currency (MXN). When these items are added to the ticket I automatically add an order tag which dynamically applies a particular % rate to leave the line total equal to the foreign currency amount that was desired.

I do not have these order tags adjust the order price. Therefore I am left with something like this: (If 1 USD = 20 MXN then if you reduce the order price by 95% then you end up with the equivilant USD price)

1 Dive trip                         70

1 Mexican Sticker (MXN)            100
  - MXN Adjustment                -95%


TOTAL:                              75

So, with the above in mind, and referring to the “Mexican Sticker”…
{Item Tag Plain Total} = 100
{Order State Total} = 5

I need to know the 100 because I use this to calculate the foregn currency to adjust in the till (because we only sell this item in pesos for example). I could continue to use {Item Tag Plain Total} but for other reasons, using an Order State is much more convenient.