Order Status does not display in Server user mode Help?

I have problem that my orders status like New, or Course list does not show under Server role list it shows only in Admin Role. I need this to display in Server role to as I need staff to be able to see if the meal is main or entrée as sometimes they have to change it so the Entrees come out with mains. I have made button that changes Corse from main to entrée or other way around, but staff needs to be able to see it on the display if it has changed status. PLEASE HELP

This is intential feature allowing you to see states whilst you debug potential issues with your setup.

To enable this for all roles goto Settings->States->Add State
Add in your state Mains and Entree as a state type of Order and Most important tick Show on Ticket

You can also colour in how it displays on the order screen so that your staff can easily recognize different things.


Thanks , just what I needed, now I have all courses in different colour so it will help no to make mistakes.