Order Summary Ticket Printout does not match the database

I am support a friend remotely that we installed SamabaPOS v5 about 2 months ago. A few nights ago when they were closing for the night, the closing report amounts did not match the cash. They contacted me and I logged in remotely and at first the system looked fine.

Then they send me a picture of the order summary for ticket # 355 which is attached below which shows a total of $786. When I look at the same ticket in the system it shows $593.50 which has been closed that night. the difference between the reports and cash is the difference between $786 and $593.50.

I have checked the system and there are no voids. So I have no idea how they can have a order summary printout for a higher amount than what is now showing in the system without any records somewhere with the items no longer showing up.

Current Order Summary #355.pdf (16.5 KB)

Printout Order Summary #355.pdf (296.8 KB)

Can you PM me a zip file of database backup?

@Avalonrun thank you for the backup. Do you have multiple terminals there?

No, just one computer

OK. When you add orders in a ticket and click Print Bill button before closing ticket SambaPOS prints ticket first and saves new lines after closing ticket. Probably orders added between these prints but new added orders not saved for a reason after it printed. We may have better idea if we have more details about the issue. If it relates with an error we can find more details inside log.txt that exists under [MyDocuments]\SambaPOS5 folder. I can check it if you zip & PM that file to me.

To ensure it prints latest saved state of the ticket you can do that.

Create Save Ticket Action.

Edit Print Bill rule and Place this action on top of actions list.

So when print bill clicked possible new added lines saves before it starts printing.

I wondered something. There are more than 150 orders in this ticket. Is it single table order or are you adding all orders in a single ticket?

Last saved order line saved at 4:07. Your print time is 4:25 so did ticket stayed open for 20 minutes and they kept adding orders in ticket? If you can give more details about the work flow I can recommend better configuration for that case. By default SambaPOS does not save orders to database until ticket closes.

Now I’m really interested to see the log.txt file. I’ll be glad if you can send that to me.

This is one table and customer. He buying staff drinks and we need to enter them in separately in order to capture the staff name in the order tag. Each time he orders a round of drinks there were 5 to 10 staff getting drinks so it adds up.

Generally we don’t get many tickets in one night. Maybe 15 to 20, but each ticket may have 1 order or 20 orders. This ticket is probably rare, though would be happy if it happened more.

I am not by my computer so I have to get the log file later. Would I need to get the log file directly off the actual terminal they using? Where would it be located?

Also, the reason there is a 20
Min gap between the order and closing is he finished his drink and then asked to pay his bill

log.txt file located under [MyDocuments]\SambaPOS5 folder. That should be taken from terminal where SambaPOS actually runs.

We can certainly implement this, but if this was the case wouldn’t we have seen this before. We been operating the system for about 2 month.