Order Tag and Price Definitions

Here’s one i cant find the answer to

So im helping another user out with their setup and they have their normal prices and then have price definitions set up for members, so when a member is added to the ticket each product then added is added at the members price definition price (cheaper)

However, i dont see any option anywhere where we can link order tags to a price definition so when adding a gin and tonic order tag, the gin product correctly updates to the cheaper price definition, but when adding the order tag mixer of tonic the price is only ever the price setup in its order tag settings, but we want it cheaper

am i right in thinking this cannot be done (having order tags change price based on price definition changed?)

If so, i take it a generic ticket calculation of % off ticket when a member entity is added would work better?

We do not have the ability to adjust order tags based on price definitions.

You could create a seperate menu with a new order tag group. And switch menu instead of price definitions.

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I’ve done something similar except its only applied for membership cards.


[=TN('[:OrderTagPrice]')-(TN('[:OrderTagPrice]')*(TN('{ITEM TAG:{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Discount}}'))/100)]

This is what I do for the hotel group and works well.
We have 2 discount types for food and drink as locals bet 10% on drink and 20% on food.
And have setup to update a fixed calculation automatically like a rate based calculation.

Instead of editing all the product tags, why not figure out the discount (product definition price / retail price) then multiply that with the order tag price to get the same % off and update the order tag?