Order Tag Auto Select Quantity


Is there a way to auto select an order tag 3 times when selecting a product.

I select Burger. and it auto selects the order tag ‘Chips’ 3 times.

right now i can only manage to make it select once


Not seen asked before, what have you tried?
Where are you doing it? Menu settings or automation
Count it would work but I’d try 3x first in menu settings
Then I would try comma seperating ie chips,chips,chips
If using automation does tag order not have qty field?


This is possible via numerous ways.

The method that I know consists of an action and a rule via automation.

Not sure exactly about this next part, but I would ensure I have at least qty of 3 specified in the order tag in the order group.

Then you can simply configure the rule to apply an order with name & qty to the menu item you want it to apply it to automatically.


im doing it in ‘Edit Product Properties’ under the Edit Menu in settings.

I have tried takking a item in order tag 3 times even wick brackets ect but it only tags once, if i show the order tag button then u have to press it 2 more times for it to turn it to 3. I want it to automatically go to 3, becuase a product i have comes with 3 portions of chips.


Like I mentioned before. This can be done.
I just did it below.

I did it with 2 actions and 1 rule.
3%5D_%5B11182017_50200_PM%5D_%5BDB_2018-09-21_20-16-07 3%5D_%5B11182017_50200_PM%5D_%5BDB_2018-09-21_20-16-25 3%5D_%5B11182017_50200_PM%5D_%5BDB_2018-09-21_20-16-56
The First action tags the order
The second action updates order tag quantity.
And then simply create a rule that has a constraint shown in the screenshot and add the actions.
Hope this is what you are after.


Apologies I didn’t read this part.

The method I showed you above will work for you if you are only doing this for a hand full of items.
If you have a lot of items that you need this for, the method above will work but will require a lot of repetition of rules and actions.

I’ll see if I can figure out an alternative method for been able to do it to many items.


Would be easy to make dynamic using a custom product tag. Depends on combinations and products but could easily be worked to be more efficient that lots and lots of rules.
Even two custom tags one for tag name and one for quantity.


I’m sure it would be, I just haven’t figured it out yet haha.
@JTRTech Could you demonstrate an example?
I’d love to give this a go just for the sake of knowing how to do it. Could even do a tutorial :smiley:


That worked well

I used the ‘Order Tag Name’ Value as [:Order Tag Name] so in the rules you can use ir for any order tag name groups rather than action for each one.


Haha yes that would work great.


Wow I didn’t think that would work haha! I was trying all sort of things like Coke:2… 2xCoke. Coke.2


That method is much easier and better I think.


The only thing to remember is Order Tag’s max quantity should be set. If it is 1 it will just toggle :slight_smile:


I was doing this, it didnt work for me even when adding max 3 on quantity.

Works on some but not that particular product


I just used latest version of SambaPOS and it works.

You just have to do what emre said.

So in your Order Tag List, set the qty of the tag to more than 1.E.g. 3 and that will work exactly how emre is showing in the screenshot.


So you probably forgot to perform SambaPOS Order Tag Feature Enabler ritual… OK j/k

If you have that product under multiple order tag groups you should use <group>=<name> format to define which order tag specifically you’re using.


LOL, not bad for a complete guess/stab in the dark.


This worked with the grouping.

I dont know if its a bug but it was choosing a order tag with the same name in another order tag group. That group isnt assigned to that product category in the mapping.

Could add this to knowlage base for others


This is not a bug as mapping does not prevent you to tag your order from an unmapped (hidden) tag group. If your tag names are unique you can prefer name only, if not use it with the group name.


I see, Thanks for your help