Order tag charge more than predefined

How to do for order tags more than certain included example: A sandwich comes with 3 free fillings more than 3, need to charge each $ , coudnt find any tutorial can any guidance please.

I’ve just had another order tag group for extras that charge.

That’s what we do. You could also count order tags as its added and update the price to 0 for the quantity you allow free.

** don’t mind the modifiers in relation to the product :wink: All of them are priced at $0.50.

Really quick, down, and dirty





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Ooo I like it!


It isn’t perfect since it won’t account for if an order is untagged and also remaining order tags that were charged. We would need to use reporting for that instance. I tossed this up more for a quick example of what can be done.

thank you @josephrussell i will try this way

tried its working less than 4 , but when un selecting the price not updating may be need another rule untagged ? tried a rule order tag quantity equals 3 but , when click about 8 tags then de selecting not giving correct amount, if 4-5 tags selects its working .

That’s what I was getting at when I said ‘it’s not perfect’. You’ll need to change the flow based on your setup. Most likely accounting for order tags currently added and priced at 0.

I think you will struggle to get 100% automated.
If you need it 100% accounting for untagged etc i would maybe consider having all the tags either priced or free and have your automation update a seperate tag.
If you went all free a tag of filling supplement, or the other way round and have it as first x filling free with negative tag if that works.
Doing this would allow you to specificly update the adjustment tag price to make total correct.

The issue the other way is there likely isn’t a way to pick out the tags which need adjusting after adding.

thank you @JTRTech , thinking about a rule with 3 or more tags multiply with tag amount update tag price action , so i will make all tags free techjnically but in rule /action add price times tags selected if more than 3. may be it works but need formula for this to try