Order tag default value

I can not find how to put a default value on order tag.

I have few products sandwichs where we can choose the type of bread. So I created a order tag group “bread” which contain all kind of bread on the list. This tag is about managing the inventory, not changing the price. So I linked bread to my products about decreasing the inventory and it works fine.

What I would like to do now, it is to give a default value for this tag. I try to add it on Product/Product Tag Editor and fill tag filed but my tag is neither selected nor appears on my order.

I am looking on automation, create Action and rules, but I did not find the correct parameters to make it work.
I am a bit confuse on choosing Action type and Event name in both.

Just found it actually…

You will probably find it simpler to use the menu settings to auto tag rather than creating automation for each item.
In your menu click the category and select Menu Item properties.
You can list order tags in a comma seperate list to automatically select tags.
There are allot of functions in this popup including auto selecting portion aswell as others.


I went on Products/Menu List, select my menu then choose my category and Edit Product Properties.
I need to fill order tag field with my value.

It works great and is much easier to implemente.

Thanks :slight_smile: