Order Tag Details

I have a really silly question here haha…

Ive never done Order Tag reports but I have a client that wants a really basic listing of it. I decided just use

[$1 Tag Report:1,1,1,1]
{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.Value,T.Qty,T.Price:T.Name="$1"} 

but it doesnt really list anything.

I havent had my coffee yet so I am not sure what I am missing

Move the parameter under report name section them add T.Name to a column. Then do T.Qty.sum

[$1 Tag Report:1,1,1,1]
{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.Name,T.Qty.sum,T.Value,T.Price:T.Name="$1"}

Like this? Can listing even be under the [$1 Tag Report] ?:sweat_smile:
No effect, I am sure I am missing something very basic here…

I’m not at a terminal but no remove the $1 in the name make it static. I’ll get to computer and test.

Making the name static and putting $1 below lists the Order Tag Group Names correctly but it doesnt list its values nor quantities. :smile:

the T.Name ="$1" is wrong. Remove that see what happens.

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Try this:

[Order Tag Report:1,1,1,1]
{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.Name,T.Qty.sum,T.Value,T.Price}

We can work on customizing it once we get it working.

[Order Tag Report:3,1,2,1]
>Group Name|QTY|Tag|Price
{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.Name,T.Qty.sum,T.Value,T.Price}

Or this will sort it descending from most tags to least.

[Order Tag Report:3,1,2,1]
>Group Name|QTY|Tag|Price
{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.Name,T.Qty.sum.desc,T.Value,T.Price}

Yes, removing that works. This is what I get. Also, this is my database not my client’s so there isnt a lot of modifiers.

Works very similar. I just added .asc and $1

They show up properly but was was hoping I can group them by T.Name like sales report with ItemGroup.

Oh so you mean like this:

[$1 Tag Report:3,1,2,1]
{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.Name,T.Qty.sum.desc,T.Value,T.Price:(OT=$1)}

Or actually this is better:

[$1 Tag Report:1,2, 1]
{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.Qty.sum.desc,T.Value,T.Price:(OT=$1)}

Yes, thats exactly what I mean. However, they seem to “interfere” with one another. Because of Custom tags maybe? Could I use O.OrderTags != “Discount” to stop them form listing?

You can try that and see.

This was supposed to be easy haha…

Both as (OT!=“Discount”) and O.OrderTags != “Discount” dont work as a filter.

Or I am using them wrong.

Weird im not sure why its showing others. It shouldnt.

@emre can you explain this to me.

[$1 Tag Report:1,2, 1]
{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.Qty.sum,T.Value,T.Price:(OT=$1)}

I have that… it should return each tag under its tagname but its not acting correctly.

I made this report to demonstrate the issue:

[$1 Tag Report:1,1,2, 1]
{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.Name,T.Qty.sum,T.Value,T.Price:(OT=$1)}


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Notice name on left… even though I used OT=X it still returned tags from other Tag Names.

Yeah, funny that. I thought it was only mine because I was playing with custom tags the other day.

I wiped all the transactions and start new just to see if maybe something else influenced it. Still the same.

Wait nm I see why… OT is not a real expression its a field. Give me a minute.