Order tag Issue

Good day thanks a lot for that great software.

i made order tag in pizza menu, but when two pizzas are ordered if i clicked on 2 then basic pizza then the order tag will show me what extras shall i add to the customers.
but in this case when i click on 2 then pizza then salami for example it counts salami for both pizza’s

is it possible to click on 2 , basic pizza , salami for the first pizza then anything else for the second one?

i really appreciate your help

DOn’t really understand.
Why you press 2 then menuitem?

we have basic pizza then the rest on your choice. if the customer call you and asked for two basic pizza one with salami and pineapple and the other with onion and mushrooms.
its pizza on your choice so when they ask for two different the choices are inside the order tag. is there a way to press 2 the separate the choices on two pizza’s
thank you

Same question why you press 2 if 2 of them is not identical?
Why not just press basic pizza then order tags/ press another basic pizza then order tags?

its easier to get the order like that. it was in the old pos system we had. in the busy days the customers call and sometimes they ask for 10 pizza’s each pizza with what extras they want. to take the order on phone 10 pizza’s then step by step what ever they say on phone you tick directly it solves the problem. its way too much easier if i ticked it one by one

The answer is probably going to be no, you cannot do it that way, QTY orders are always treated as identical.
How wopuld the kitchen understand that order?
10 pizzas
10 with cheese
3 with peperoni
5 with chicken
6 with peppers
2 with mushrooms
What combinations is that going to be???

imagine you have in the menu (starter food) button when you press you get the sub menu of all starter you have. one of them is chicken wings, and it can be 4 pieces. 4 pieces with cheese or 4 pieces with cheese and beacon.

when you get a call and first the order starter which is chicken wings. they want all the three

its more easier from the sub menu if you click chicken wings and the pos is programmed to be maximum 1 item. now u have 3 items so you click 3 chicken wings and from the order tag you click the three tags instead of go back and click again chicken wings three times.
this option is already exist in some softwares the old one we had it had it.
i just cant really explain in in a proper english my english is not really helping to tell more details

You old pos add all 3 choices in 1 click?

That sounds more like portions senario to me…
Or add the wings product to menu 3 times and preset the tags for the 3 combos and set custom header for each so you have 3 buttons, one for each combo so you just press combo 1, combo 2 and combo 3…

yes and after the tag choice, a small window pops up with ok to confirm until you finish how many u have to sell from this tag then the sub category. comes again
so in this case i will click 3 ok before the sub category goes back.

it seems like portion but its not its just extra pop up window. i will try to give another example and please be patient for my english.
you are selling dishes the same dish can be with rice, fries or bread.

if u have an order that need 3 dishes but each on the choice.
i will click on 3 and lets say chicken fillet, there i used to get a pop up window to confirm rice fries or bread but each r individual separated with ok popped up window.
it goes to the kitchen as 3 chicken and as a tag -1rice - fries- bread-
and since its the same price the customer seen on the bill 3 dish of chicken
i hope i could transfer the idea

That example might work if there is single choice but multiple would not be understandable in kitchen displayed in that way.

In theory you could probably create that flow in automation but not simple.
Rather than adding 3x order you would start a loop to add one and ask question for sire and loop 3 times adding 3 seperate products.

Kitchen prints will only merge orders if they are identical though.

i understand now i really appreciate your help thank you so much :slight_smile: