Order Tag Item not updating when using Prefixes

You would only have 2 prefixes… you would not use WHole as a prefix… whole pizza would be understood if you do not select a 1/2 modifier

How were you using the No Modifier? I cant make sense of that one. Maybe I am just not looking at it right.

Thats because it is a filter if your using it to modify 1 item with 3 prices for that 1 item.

The “No” modifier wasn’t setup yet, there will be mods with no price.

Still trying to wrap my head around this. I thought prefixes would concatenate with the tags, but your example shows it’s behaving more like a filter. What your saying sounds like the filter field actually filters out it’s input?

What I am trying to say… if your using order tags to add products it can work like your setup… but if your using order tags to add products… and prefixes to modify the products you added with different prices… then you need to use the setup I showed you. You would not need a No Prefix nor would you need a Whole Prefix. Those are understood.

I will copy your setup using the correct method to demonstrate for you.

I got it now… prefixes acts like a filter and a link.


Its because they are built to support more than 1 setup for using Order Tags. Example… yours is using them to add ingredients to a pizza with Prefixes to modify those ingredients at a different price

I may be using them to add gift items to orders using Prefixes to select what color gift item but price would be set. So in my case I would use filters to assign Colors to tags… I don’t want colors to show up for the tag until I press it. So i would use filters in that sense. You on the other hand Do want yours to show so you see the options to select.

My setup would have more prefixes than Order tags… yours will have more order tags than prefixes…

Gotta love flexibility of Samba!

Slightly disappointed with this setup. When I select any prefixed tag, the buttons move around. I can’t imagine a setup that wouldn’t work the way I thought it worked. But alas, that’s not the case.

but the ones without prefixes don’t move.

Actually I don’t know why yours are doing that mine are not moving. Can you show me a screenshot of it.

Take that back I do know why… its your tag order. You need to put the Prefix tags UNDER your main order tag. and do left and right in the same order for each one…

Left Onion
Right Onion
Left Pepperoni
Right Pepperoni

The order you enter your tags controls the order it shows up on POS

So if you did
Right Onion
Left Onion

You will see Onion, Pepperoni on non prefixed

But when you hit a prefix for Left onion it will move onion to Pepperoni, Onion

Bottom line… you have to group your prefixed Order Tags to your main Order tag… and keep Left and right in same order throughout.

yea i figure it out almost immediately, but ran into user post limit. thanks again.