Order Tag List Help

Hi again ,

I have 2 products Esspresso and Cappuchino in the same category Coffees

both of them are Sweet, Black etc. But only Cappuchino is Latte

is there any way for Latte to show only if i sellect Cappuchuno ?

You’ll create Two set of order tags and map them to specific products through Mappings configuration.

You can find detailed info here.


Thank you for your answer and if i may i want to ask something else …

I want in the grey area to show a custom entity field how i;m going to do it ?

i searching for the past 3 hours !!!

Edit entity type and set primary display format as something like

[Name] Tel:[Phone] Note:[Other Custom Data]
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it’s not working …
it always the same nothing change

Everything is OK

Thank you very much