Order Tag Mapping Not Working

Can anyone see if im doing something wrong, I have an order tag set and mapped it to just the Bottles and Cans Product Group. This order tag is applied when a member is added to the ticket ans deducts 20p off the item

However it does this on ALL items instead of just the ones that are mapped, am I missing something obvious here?

The Rule and Action

But the mapping doesnt work and 20p is discounted from all products, in the example below only Guiness Can should have the discount

Looks like the Order Tag Mapping ONLY works if you use the order tag screen. The mappings are only shown or hidden based on the mappings on the order tag screen

Im automating the order tags, so there is no screen to select the tags from, i was hoping the mapping would work the same and only be applied to the products in the mapped group but this is not the case

From what I can see the rule is doing what it should. I gather ‘Tea’ is not in the menu group ‘Subs’. Perhaps you could try Menu Item Group Code [Matches] GroupName|GroupName|GroupName

The rule looks like its doing exactly what its supposed to do… What if you constrain it to all the items that you want to include?

I remember doing something similar and if I remember correctly {GROUP CODE} worked a lot better than [:MenuItemGroupCode]