Order tag prefixes on SambaPOS Android app


On our standard SambaPOS setup, we use Order Tag prefixes for handling “general modifiers” - like this…

The android app doesn’t have support for prefixes currently, so we have to restructure the whole general modifiers to handle differently on the app, and our customers already like the way we have it setup in SambaPOS.

Can we have Order Tag prefix support in the android app please?


Yes this is in our development road map. Thanks for reminding again.


Do you have a timescale as to when it will be available? For us its quite a critical missing feature.


We did not make a detailed analysis. If it’s urgent, let’s analyze first. How long will it take.


Since it’s marketed as an order taking app rather than full samba app full order tagging should really be a feature given tags are a primary aspect of order taking else it’s really neither full samba or full order taking.
Appreciate it may not be full samba and support fully more advanced automation but at minimum I personally think it should support the core built in configurations in full, specificly order tags.


Yeah I fully agree. It was a surprise to me when I first used (and sold it…) that prefixes were not available. It was just assumed like you say prefixes are a standard option of order tags that have been around since V4 and I know many people use them.

One of my biggest issues with the android app is the workarounds you need to do like this. It would appear “free tagging” has been highlighted as an important feature of the app, however the way I always see free tagging is a last resort - if you use inventory, it messes it all up when staff use that, and if you have order tags with prices (we do for some e.g. with “extra” prefix), free tagging would be a means to get around that, either accidental or deliberate.

We used to have to use QMX instead of the android app as it had support for prefixes from the start and have a few customers happy with it, but unfortunately QMX is no longer an option.


Exactly, free tagging is a last case for that unforseen case.
It defeats the point of tags for the reasons outlined.
It’s slower and cumbersome. I only allow it like you say as a backup for missed tags etc.
If anything you would prefer full tag features on app before freetagging


What happened to QMX ??


Q passed away last year :frowning:


I’m so sorry, I did not know anything :disappointed_relieved:


Yes Quincy the author of QMX passed away in November last year. Was and still is a very sad day. His legacy is all over the forum. I see his name mentioned every day as well as Emre. :joy: