Order Tag Print in Ticket Lister

Can someone help me out in printing order tag in the ticket lister?

Attaching the code used.

<L00><block 1 left *>

<L00><L00><size 22><color Silver>FLIGHT NO: #{TICKET TAG: Order No} |</color></size><br/></block>

<L00><block 2 left *>

<L00><size 22> <color White>{ORDER TAGS} </color>       {TICKET STATE:Kitchen State}</size></block>

<L00><block 3 left *>

<L00><size 18> CHECK IN: {CREATION MINUTES} min ago | STATUS: ARRIVING SHORTLY | </size></block>

<L00><size 15><timer {TICKET DATE:HH:mm} {TICKET TAG:Delivery Minutes} 1>
<L00>-30:<color LightGreen><size 15><m:>:<s:{0:00}> min.</size></color>
<L00><br/>0-10:<color White><size 15><m:{0:00}>:<s:{0:00}></size></color>
<L00><br/>10:<color Orange><size 15>MIN: <m:{0:00}>:<s:{0:00}> (DELAYED)</size></color>

-- Format for order tags
<L00>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}

Order tags go under {ORDERS} section you can not reference them directly in the main template. So to show order tags you have to show orders too

Is it possible to show only one item from my order list here. With order indexing?

Its important to understand that is a Ticket Lister not an Order Lister… there are ways to filter it by orders… but you are showing tickets… not orders.

I understood. But the client i am working for want to show the first item in the order there.

It will be hard to only show first item. I think impossible unless you build a script to scrape that out and reference the script call there.

Yea. Ticket notes are the only option i guess.

Maybe if you explain and show what the use is so can understand why order tag would be shown like that?

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This is what they want.

Actually this is an airport themed restaurant.
The name of the products are like


So they want to show the name of the first item in the order to the customers. Just to show. Like in airports.

So i tried ticket notes and it works fine. But they have to manually enter the name when they use ticket notes.
So i thought of adding order tags for each items with same names and show it here.

That doesn’t really explain much?
Arrived/delayed are order tags?

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Show an example ticket?

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There are 5 items in the ticket.


This is the name of the first item in the ticket.
They want to show it as in the pic above.

When the order is placed, it will show arriving shortly.
Once the chef complete the order from the kitchen display, it shows landing. If delayed more than 10 mnts, it shows delayed.

I am not with my pc at the moment. I can send you a sample ticket tomorrow.

Ticket tag or note could be automated using first food item added to ticket or something like that.
Hard to say for sure without understanding your process.

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Hi @JTRTech
This is the ticket. You can see 3 items here right? He just want to show the first item name on the order screen. It is just to show. Nothing else.
This is an airport theme restaurant. So they want to show the order screen like check in screen in airports.

So you say you had notes working?
Could you not just update ticket note with automation on first order added?
Personally I’d look at a ticket tag or ticket custom state rather than note as you can name your tag/state and call it directly and would be easy to call at ticket level in your template.

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Your example doesn’t show what relevance order tags from your origional question has, there are no order tags in your example ticket…

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Ticket tag works i think. Let me try that. Thanks brother @JTRTech

Thanks brother. It worked.
Alexandria Hbe is the ticket tag.