Order Tag, Product modifiers price and profit not shown

When using order tag as product modifier, in final report or warehouse report, modifier (product)'s price and profit not shown. any suggestion to solve this issue.

V5 recipes supports mapping inventory items with order tags. You can read more about these;

Order Tag Mapping on Recipes section of…

and Inventory Products and Sub Recipes section of…

I couldn’t read your product names so I can’t guess how you’re using them but when you map order tags to products sub product’s price will be included to the main product price. Depending on your needs you can use “Inventory Product” feature to track modifier (order tag) costs individually. That sample from @QMcKay’s recipes might give an idea. Instead of mapping order tags to products you can map recipe lines to order tags.


I think you miss-understand my question.
i already used latest version 58. and the inventory work very well.

the problem i have, that the product which used in order tag has has no price in warehouse screen and with profit (-100%) in the same time the product has a price.

You should re-read what he said because he explained what you need to do.