Order Tag Selection Required

I just noticed this little text notifier on the Order Tag screen. This appears when you have an Order Tag Group set to “Selection Required”. Great little feature addition @emre!

Is there a chance we can get this notifier displayed in such a way so that it attracts more attention? I always thought it was strange that you could not close the Order Tag picker when a selection was required, but there is no notification displayed indicating why you are not allowed to close it… this little notifier helps, but could be improved.


I name my required tag groups with **REQUIRED** to help,
Sure I offer a few ideas a while back along these lines like making a tag counter like x/y where x is selected tag count and y is max count but x remaining achieves similar.

A notification saying there are required tags would be good :smile:

Also not sure if im remembering right but there was issue in V5 where if you had required tags but didnt have autoselect option on the order requiring the tag it didnt display tags, This notification would also be good there.
I know that was my fault for not choosing auto select…
Maybe if there are required tags autoselect option should be forced.

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This works well for me - with autoselect ticked the portion has to be selected in order to continue. The only problem is after the portion is selected I am just left with the numberpad, the main menu is not shown again until that item is removed.

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Auto-select is a feature to open the Order Tag (modifier) screen when Menu Items are added. This happens to include Portions as well.

@1bigwink , can you please post a screenshot of the issue you are having so I can replicate it?

You can use a method of Automation to require the Portion selection without needing any Order Tags at all, so you don’t need Auto-select …

Thanks Q - to the rescue again! Ok so a pint of Ale with portions of half pint, full pint etc. Select the item from the menu

and it shows portions which must be selected - GREAT

But after the portion is selected I want to return to the menu, instead I get a blank screen with number pad

Probably me being dim!

Edit: If it helps I’m building this with the eventual hope that ‘tops’ and ‘mixers’ etc are stock controlled. Maybe not so important for ales but if this was a Gin with a portion of ‘Gin + Tonic’ then I’d want to inventory control both the measure of Gin and Bottle Of Tonic (preferably without staff having to seperately add a spirit and a bottle to the order, as combined they are a different price) to ensure we could remotely check stock on both the Gin and Tonic Bottles. I’m using portions above but if I’m better off using another method then please do let me know. Excuse my ignorance please, early days for me and the forum is my friend, but struggling in some areas. :slight_smile:

I have seen this issue before, but I cannot remember the root cause, and I can’t seem to replicate it so far.

Do you have any Order Tag Groups defined that are mapped to that product?

When it comes to mixers, etc, you will be better off going in this direction … note that I still have portions for Short, Tall, and Shot. But all the mixers and garnish are Order Tags. You can still control Inventory using Order Tags and Portions, using Recipes.

@QMcKay Hi Q, I’m slowly getting to grips with this and have managed to get my order tags groups set (which seems to have resolved the blank screen issue). I was just wondering if there was any way to ‘hold’ the menu whilst selecting tags. Currently you have to click on the product in the product list on the left to get back to the main menu - it would be nice though if the main menu was always on display, just like how it is when selecting products (menu dissapears at the point portions/modifiers are shown). Thanks again, dk

Where would the tags/portions display if menu was always visable?
You can force the portions/tags screen on order adding using the auto select option in the menu settings.
To get out of portion/tag screen you either unselect the order on the order screen or the close button on the bottom of the portions/tags screen.

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Sorry I wasn’t very clear on that - by menu I mean the item categories rather than the menu products. So rather than clicking close you can straight away click a menu category to add another item, rather than clicking out and then selecting the next product.

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Hmmm, that’s an interesting idea :slight_smile: like it.
Unless it causes potential issues with getting out of the tag screen while there are still unselected required tags…

V5 is unlikely to see any further developments such as this and is just receiving minor tweeks and bug fixes as needed as the concentration has moved to getting V6 off the ground which first rumors are sounding like it should be a big exciting jump.
But there has been talk about the possibility of there being a much higher level of customization possible when it comes to POS layout which would be nice if that is the case.