Order Tag Sorting Different on Printed Reciept.Then Order Screen


My goal is to always show the orrder tags in the same order. So for example there is

egg doneness
bread choice
meat choice
potato choice

If the waitress chooses potato choice first then egg doneness, I still want egg doneness to show up first so that the cook never misses anything. On the POS order screen it all works perfect but when the ticket prints to the kitchen it shows up the order tags in the order that they were entered…

I chose the “order tag sorting” for the kitchen template but still has the issue. My Kitchen template is default as it came when samba was initially installed.

Hi, I have the same problem.

In order to help the kitchen reading the tickets I need some order tags to be always in the same position.

Did you finally fixed that?

yes use the {sorted order tags} instead of the {order tags} on the kitchen printer templates @cerveceriaelviajero