Order Tag sorting

Let start by saying Order Tags are a brilliant idea and very well implemented.

I think they could be improved by implementing Order Tag sorting. Using Order Tag sorting, it would not matter what sequence an operator enters Order Tags. They are always displayed a certain way.

2 Eggs w/Meat
-Meat Choice
-Potato Choice
-Toast Choice

Video Explanation

Thank you very much for the video. We already have that feature but it seems we need to display it properly on screen. That will be fixed on next release.

Thanks Emre.

A couple additional suggestions for Order Tags with Free Tagging.

  1. Have a check-box option to call Virtual Keyboard when Order Tag with Free Tagging is pressed.
    (If check-box is not checked it is assumed the terminal is using a physical keyboard.)

  2. Display Order Tags with Free Tagging as follows:
    (A) Last modifier(Order Tag) for Product on kitchen tickets
    (B) On top for Ticket entry

        2A. Display as last modifier on kitchen ticket because they are not common with every ticket. They are special instructions for cook add or remote an item from product. It makes it easier for cook not to forget a special request.
        2B. Display on top because waiters staff is not able to see what they are typing because virtual keyboard with cover Order Tag with Free Tagging.
        2B. Order Tags with Free Tagging can be mapped to all products to add special instructions for any product on the menu once product entered and selected.

Do you know when the next version is going to be released.

Thanks again.