Order tag ticket receipt: {PRICE TAG} empty '(




ive tried other combo too, but these are the main …


im trying to get Total amount - tag price (them who are not display)
eg. i would get : the price of the soup (got it) + chicken price (its 0.5) displayed on ticket near soup.

in fact i want the price with price tag included, but without those the tag price are displayed.

but the tag price is empty so i can’t use expression…
cant find a answer on the forum, looking at it since 2 days '(((

trying to get this:

{TOTAL AMOUNT} will give total. Instead try {PRICE}

So try <J00>- {QUANTITY} {Name} | {PRICE}

already tried.
look screenshot.
its give me 1.75. the price of the soup.
wanna get price of the soup + price of chicken (0.5) (chicken tag have Add Tag Price To Order Price enabled)

Did you try what I said.

Hmm I’m confused then. I can’t understand what your wanting.

The screenshots showing what you said you want shows item without the tag price. Then at bottom a total. Which do you want?

i want the display of my last screenshot.

soup price: 1.75
chicken price: 0.50 ( add to order price enabled)
rice price: 0.50 (add to order price not enabled)

yeah chicken price dont displayed because add to order enabled.

what i dont understand, its why, {PRICE TAG} is empty ???
do i need some action or rule to get it not empty ?

OK that’s more clear one minute I’ll test it.

Try this:

-- Default format for orders

-- Format for order tags

Then insert {ORDERS} where you want it in your template.

That works in v5… not sure about v4

Here is example print… Ketchup is price not included in order price but jalapeno is included in order price. Base price is 2.80 for hamburger. Jalapeno is .50 ketchup .25


I am using version 5.2.3 If that does not work in v4 then its time you upgrade to v5.

EDIT: NEvermind its not working one sec.

doesn’t work in v4 '(
i know about v5, not up to me :slight_smile:

well need to do more test and find a workaround by myself i guess.

thks for your testing

what about {PRICE TAG} empty ??

edit: yy, waiting, trying too on my side '(, but trying since 2 days, that why i ask here ^^

It may not be possible to mix the two. But I am checking… it seems that {TOTAL PRICE} works fine if all of the tags have price included but if one tag does not then it breaks it. That could be a bug. Again I am working in v5 though so if it is a bug you will never get a fix in v4 since its pretty much depricated now and no support anymore.

EDIT: Actually I understand now… its working as intended but we would need a new feature to make this work.

and about {PRICE TAG} ???
why this tag is empty ???
need action/rules to fill it ??
a bit laborious if i must do a action/rule for every singles tags order oO (but i will, if not choice xd)

Do you know what PRICE TAG does? Price tag is for displaying the tag you create when using Price Definitions.

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hum not sure.
thought its was the sum price of all tag order ?

No its for this:


If you have Happy Hour Price definition with a tag of HH you can display the HH using {PRICE TAG} so in your case its empty because there is no Price Tag.

I am not sure if its avaiable in v4 but in v5 we have
{ORDER TAG TOTAL PRICE} which is the Order Tag Total Price

So basically this is not possible. You may want to rethink your flow. I personally prefer to just include the price across the board.

dont have this tag.
i understand why {PRICE TAG} was empty ^^

will kept to find a tricks to achieve what i want, not sure its possible, but will try :stuck_out_tongue:

just tried {ORDER TAG TOTAL:{NAME}} in [order tag] section.

display me .50, so i could remove it from total amount. but ive tried with another tag.
(so 1 tag add to order, 1 tag 0.5, 1 tag 0.25)
and still display .50

im keep trying

and yeah if its not possible, ill rethink the flow, no choice ^^

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Let me correct myself it may be possible but it would be way to much work just for something that simple. At least in v5 it may be possible with some jscript but v4 it may not be possible at all. Even if we got it to work in v5 it would be a lot of trouble for that simple price.

Creating a different flow would be much easier.

Im a little confused what your trying to do, why not change chicken to not be included in order price then it will show on tag and not in order?

because the chicken is the plat.
i means, it is the menu price.

soup chicken = 2.25.
and the rice its an extra. 0.5.

so wanna separate the main order. (soup chicken) and the extra (rice)
soup can be : soup chicken, soup pork, soup squid (and few more)

i could create each product in product list.
but i think its better to use tag, to not DRY. (don(t repeat yourself) :stuck_out_tongue:

He wants both included and excluded order tags. Problem is we do not have a Printer Tag to differentiate those. The only tags we have adds all order tag prices or none.

Your best bet would be create separate products for Chicken Soup instead of using order tags for that. Its more work but that’s the proper way to set it up to use order tags for modifiers.