Order tags changes venue´s price in ticket

Dear @emre, I can post screens now, but I´ll try to explain

If I am in a Venue (2nd price list) and add a line in a ticket the price is from that venue, but as soon as I add an order tag, the prce changes to the first price in the price list (first venue).

Let me know if you dont understand



[UPDATE] this explanation is wrong, look at the screen on post down… sorry

Adding an order tag does not change order price unless you update it with a rule. The reason might be different. If you’ve configured a Change Price List action that may also change the default price list of department.

Dear @Emre, I did not add a Change Price Rule… Does it exist?
here are the attached screens that yesterday I could not print:

So far we are OK…

ow if you print the ticket, the price that appears in BAURU is the price of the total of BAURU with TAG…

hope this calrifies a little my poor explanation



You can use {TOTAL PRICE} tag to display order tag prices excluded. Or you can remove order tag prices.

let me see if I undersand…

I should use

– Default format for orders

instead of

– Default format for orders



Yes it is.

{TOTAL AMOUNT} always displays order tag prices included price. You can select which printing tag to use for your needs. I don’t know why it displays different prices on other venue. There might be a different template for other venue or… I don’t know… can you post your template here?

SORRY, it was my mistaque, it did print correctly on both venues, I just did not remember that price…
I am real sorry for the mistaque.

I corrected the template, now it does print the price no tags included!!

THANKS!!! for all the help