Order Tags disappear when using Mobile Client

Hello everyone, I have been using SambaPOS Mobile Client Now for a few months and it has been working nicely. Just within the last week an issue has reared its head and I’m not sure what the cause is or how to correct it. Sometimes when an order is placed via an Android Tablet using SambaPOS Mobile Client, the order tags will disappear from the order. The order tags do not fire to the kitchen, just the product itself and the tags do not show up on the ticket either. Its like they are removed from the order once the final Close button is pressed and the order is fired. It doesn’t do it every order and it only seems to happen if there are 4 or more order tags on the product. Once it does it for one item on that ticket, it will do it for every item added, regardless of how many order tags are on the item. I am clueless as to why this is happening, any help is much appreciated. Note, nothing changed in the system for this to happen. No menu changes, no setup changes.
Also I have noticed that the issue only seems to present itself with multiple items on the ticket.

Is it only certain products?

No, it will do it with all products from all categories.

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I want to reproduce this in our side for understading why? Can you send me the backup of your DB ?

Yes. Let me remove transactions to make it smaller and I’ll pm it to you.

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Ok I will check that backup

Still having issues with this. I just completely re did the system thinking it was an issue with my database. set everything up exactly as instructions state. It still continues to drop order tags when submitting the order to the kitchen. We would love to buy more licenses but we are hesitant if it can’t work as expected. Any help is appreciated. New SQl install, New windows install, fresh database and fresh install of samba.

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I recently installed Sambapos with 3 mobile clients and am experiencing the same issue. Has there been a fix as this venue relies heavily on order tags?

Mine does this too, not needed this month but please fix it

Any update on this issue please?

Our venue is experiencing significant issues due to missing order tags.

It would be good to have this fixed before we come out of lockdown and re-open, otherwise I will not renew my licences.

The issue seems to be with multiple order tags as the first post mentioned.

Also seems to happen when selecting multiple quantities of same order tag

I.e. 1 Taco plate (product item) with 4x Chicken (order tag)

Side note:

Another issue happens when there is a min order tag requirement of 1 (the mobile client shows missing order tags)

How you solved this issue? I have same problem.

This issue is solved with Mobile Client V3