Order Tags Improvement

Hi Emree,

We have been using SambaPOS for about a month now and it is flawless. Everyone loves the POS. Order Tags are by far the best modifiers of any POS I have used.

I have one recommendation to improve Order Tags. Add an additional attribute in Order Tag List for included Tags (modifiers).

Sandwiches include Onion, Tomato, and Lettuce. Add a checkbox to Order Tag List for Onion, Tomato, and Lettuce to be included items.

When displaying Order Tags for Onion, Tomato and Lettuce, color should be red since these are included with Sandwiches.

When Onion, Tomato and Lettuce Tags are pressed, they should change color(maybe yellow) and print “No” in front of Order Tag. E.G. “No Onion” or “No Tomato” or “No Lettuce”

Benefits of included Order Tags:

  1. Speeds up order entry
  2. Consistent order entry
  3. Less virtual keyboard usage

Please, let me know if something does not make sense and hopefully I can explain better.

Thanks for your awesome work.

I think this is a great idea. I noted that for more investigation to see if we can implement that with few modifications for next release.

Thanks. Let me know if you need any assistance with the concept.

You can set default order tags in product properties in the Menu. Default order tags are selected automatically when you select a product.

If you need to show order tag options like Tomato, No Tomato, Less or more Tomato, then use order tag grouping which gives you a button that cycles through the options each time you press it.

Hello. As John stated it is already possible by using default tags but I think I got why you need such improvement. I thought a small improvement by using new Order Tag Prefixing feature. Maybe not exactly works as you’ve described but I believe that will help.

I’ve configured light red color for default indigents to give an idea about what that Sandwich contains by default. Clicking No Lettuce or Less Onion buttons will turn these buttons to red to visually indicate they’ve removed.

Looks good. Cant wait to try it.