Order Tags in Warehouse

I hope someone can help me with my problem. I have a Product Steak with two Order Tags Pommes and Noodles. For my inventory I have a receipe Steak with Order Tags Pommes 200g and Noodles 200g. It works fine if I select Steak with Pommes or Steak with Noodles in my Warehouse the Stock for the selected Order Tag decrease 200g. If I select for one Steak both Pommes and Noodles the Stock for each Order Tag decrease 200g too. Is there a Way to say if select two Order Tags then decrease each Order Tag 100g?

No way to do that. A Recipe will deduct from stock the amount they are configured to do.

You would need to set your Recipe to deduct 100g, then Tag the order twice with Pommes or Noodles to get it to deduct 200g total.