Order Tags issue ability to add more than one tag multiple


We would like to have control over the order tags - for example multiple order tags

see the photo below
i ordered a group set then selected the size and when I select the calazones - need to add lets say 2x garden viggie and / or 3x sausage crunch

please advise on where to go to resolve that issue


Have you got max qty set to 1?
If you increase max you can tag multiple times and says 2x Golden Veg

Also why the single prefix? You dont need a prefix and not much point if you only have one.


i need to add it more than once because im using it as combo modifier not as product modifier , we change the max qty and set to 1 and also 10 and i didn’t work
see the photo below


Its your prefix which is preventing multiple selections…


Can you please elaborate more not sure if I understand what you meant …
please bear with us

I thought its a matter of changing the quantity which allows for adding multiple order tags


If you take off the calzone prefix (which isnt needed anyway as prefix only usefull if multiple you can selected tags multiple times up to the allowed max.


Thanks man it works ,


Hi is there any way around this limitation ?

I want to be able to select multiple items and have a prefix in others.

Most obvious work around is to have in a separate group but is there another way ?


An example of your tag group and intended outcome would be useful.


Sorry for the late reply.

We have a pizza item with multiple order tags and multiple prefixes, such as “less”, “no”, “extra”.
Almost all of the tags are singular items only … .so “no mushrooms” for example.

However we have one or two tags that can multiples… like 5 x Prawn - which denotes 5 actual prawns…

When that tags is part of the larger group with prefixes, the multiple doesn’t work.
My work around has been to seperated them out into another group.

I was wondering if there was a way where i can include them back into the main group, which appears to be a limitation of the system