Order Tags Issue

HI Guys,

Please am having an Issue with order tags.

If i place an order for 5 Fried Rice at once using the notepad, and i want to add an order tag, it picks the quantity 5 of the main item(Fried Rice).
But i want to be able to select it one after the other. This is because the from the 5 fried rice ordered, 2 might come with Chicken, another 2 with Turkey, and last one with Beef.

Please can anybody help?

You should not use the qty button. Only use it for items you want the same order tags for.

as jessie said, qty and tags dont work like that, 5x Rice with Chicken would be 5 Rice all 5 with chicken, if you want different you need say
2x Rice
with chicken
3x Rice
with turkey

If you did
5 Rice
2 Chicken
3 Beef
This is actually;
5 Rice with 2 chicken and 3 turkey - ie 10 chicken (5x2), 15 turkey (5x3)