Order Tags: Max Qty =1 Prefixes Used

Noticed this bug when working on a tutorial for someone.

Order Tags:

Set Max Selected Items to 1
Enter Bacon, Ham, Links, Patty as order tags
Enter Burnt as prefix
Map to a Product Group Breakfast and Product 2 Eggs

Go to the product in POS:

Prefix shows up just fine… press prefix for Burnt then press selection int his case Bacon.

Order tag shows up correctly with the right prefix of Burnt

Customer Changes mind says no I wanted Patty but I want it Burnt. You select Burnt then Patty… It changes Burnt Bacon to Burnt Patty like it should since Max Selected is 1
Burnt Bacon still shows up as a product as well as just Bacon… Burnt Bacon should disappear if max selected is 1.

This would be an even worse situation if I had used multiple Prefixes and customer changed mind more than once before you submit order… which in reality happens a lot.


Fixed. Thank you very much for reporting :slight_smile:

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