Order Tags: max quantity > 1 not working with the use of prefixes

I want to use an order tag with several products, some of them has a price modifier to the order some others not.

I would like to use prefixes in order to set different options for the same tag.

My problem comes for the tags that has a maximum quantity set to a number more that 1 (example 3), if I dont use a prefix, it works perfect, I can tap several times on the tag and add the quantities, but when I add the prefix to it, I cannot do this anymore, i does not let me tap several times on the prefix.

Is there any example on how to do this?

To be more clear:

  1. This is my original setup:

  1. I can press up to 3 times on an order tag (max quantity was set to 3)

  1. Now I will add a “Prefix”:

  1. Now, I cannot press several times on the order tag:

I want to be able to select several times on an order tag with prefixes, can it be done? or the short answer is NO?

Show your Order Tag list after making Only Prefix? I think you are using Prefix wrong.

I see what your saying. It appears this can not happen. @emre any reason for this? Is the cook trained to cook them a specific way unless he sees only? I would think the cook would only put on it what is listed meaning only is redundant and not needed. I mean if waiter selects Sour Cream and Avacado and nothing else. Then it is understood that ONLY sour cream and avacado go on it. Unless the cook is trained different to make it one way unless you say otherwise.

the regular order has more things on it unless the customer ask for “Only”, but also the “Only” can have variants. The portion size has 3 pieces (3 different tacos) so they can build 3 different tacos (one Only Avocado and other one with everything on it).

I want to get rid or of the other “Tacos Only” order tag and try to do everything with one order tag using Prefixes.