Order Tags, Min either 0 or 4, Max 4

is that possible?

Order HAS to be selected, but needs either 0 or 4 tags selected… not 1, 2 or 3…


I suggested trying 0?4 and apparently it worked… I haven’t tested it myself.


If you put MAX 4, then that should work. wont be able to select more than 4 order tags.

If its a forced selection you want then put MIN 1, and MAX 4.

na it needed to be either ZERO or 4, but no worries now.

It didn’t work, he said it did but when I checked it this morning it didn’t lol

Weve changed the layout now

edit, zero or 4, nothing in between

really? when i put a max on an order tag group, it works. if i put max 2, it wont go more than that

I think you have to use portions. And map order tag min 4 max 4 to one portion.

Think the point is being missed, he wanted 0 or 4.
Min 0 Max 4 allows 0,1,2,3,4
Min 4 Max 4 allows only 4

Portion thing might be a solution or I expect some creative reporting could be done to trigger a message maybe but if you have an alternate solution fair enough. Sure we have order tagged rule event…

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Yeh, just left it as 0 or 4, we decided that if his staff cant figure it out that they need to add the required selections before the party is checked in then they must be rather um… dim ~:)

Lol, you always have to cater for the weakest link.
Think you could do without too much fuss using reporting expression on order tagged event and a report order tag details. allthough that would trigger for the 1,2,and 3rd tag added… hmmm maybe more complex than thought, dont think we have an event for order ‘unselected’ (closing tag screen)
Not sure what ‘order selection changed’ event is…
Such an event if thats not it could be usefull to create our own more complex tag validations…