Order tags not charging when prefixed


Sorry maybe my setup is incorrect but how can I make a order tag (ex Bacon) charge when its prefixed. I setup the order tag price to charge $1.00 but it only applys the charge when it is alone. So when I click the how its cooked prefix it doesnt charge.

Ex: Bacon alone charges. Medium Bacon Does not Charge!

Same here,
I think @emre should check it out.

Did you configured Medium Bacon tag and a price for it?

If you add details about your configuration here we can better solve it in a single step if there is a configuration issue. To get more info about how to improve your questions you can read Community Guidelines topic. Thanks.

Sorry im confused,

I only wrote the price $1.00 for bacon.

How would I do it for medium bacon. I dont want more buttons for order tags. Is there a way I can define the price for medium bacon without showing it as a button?

I know I can fix this by making a rule for it but it would be soooo much work because there are alotttt of different combinations with meats and meat doneness and from my understanding I would have to do them all one by one. It would be so much better if I could just set the price under order tags for bacon and it stays as that regardless of the prefix.


Normally you’ll define price for More Bacon by defining an additional tag and it won’t appear (do you remember prefixed buttons disappears?) until you select it.

I thought keeping main price for prefixed tags might be a good idea but same thing will happen for No tag. I mean if I keep that price this time people using No prefix will need to define zero price for all No xxxx tags.

Here is a sample


So if i have dish tag for 5 dollars and A prefix bouton named half and I need half dish for 2.5 dollars I need to define half dish tag and price it for 2.5 and filter it to a non existing prefix so it won’t show on screen.So when you click on half+dish It
Will price it for 2.5

This is not required. It will automatically determine which buttons to display. Dish will be visible by default. When half dish selected it will appear and dish button disappears. We should sort prefixed and non prefixed tags together so button placement won’t change while toggling between prefixes.


I thought I covered this a long time ago in one of my questions. I can’t find the post anymore though. I thought I responded with some examples showing this very thing too @Hasa when he first started building his menu.

Order tags have a few behaviors that you can manipulate depending on your setup. Order tags can be used multiple ways not just one way. This is the great thing about them.

Okay finally figured it out

I think I remember now.

Sorry I learned so much about samba in the past few months that im starting to forget those early conversations haha. @kendash