Order Tags not printing on one kiosk but is printing on another, same template

Hi All-

I am having a strange issue with printing on V5 with 2 terminals.

I print out an order with Order Tags from one of my kioks and the order tags show up fine on the receipt printers. However, if I attempt this with the other kiosk, I cannot get it to print out the order tags, except when I void an item (which I don’t want anything to print at all, but I’ll open a different issue for that one.)

They are both using the same template:


<div style="font-size:15px; text-align:left;font-family:'consolas'">
<T>{TICKET TAG:Ticket Type}
<L00>Table:{ENTITY NAME:Table}
<L00>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}
<L00>Server:{USER NAME}

<span style="font-size:15px; text-align:left;font-family:'consolas'"> - {QUANTITY} {NAME}</span>



-- Format for order tags
<span style="font-size:15px; text-align:left;font-family:'consolas'">     * {ORDER TAG NAME}</span>

There are a couple of configuration differences between the two terminals:

1 - The terminal that is not printing order tags is printing to the local version of its printers to the kitchen and sushi bar (since they are directly connected to this terminal). This terminal network shares these same printers, which the other one prints to. I am less suspecting this is the root cause of the issue, however, since this terminal can print out newly voided order tags with no problems. The line widths and modes (HTML) are set the same between this terminal and the other terminal.

2 - I am executing 4 print jobs on Order Close Rule for both of my printers (2 local 2 shared), but limiting them by Terminal, so that only 2 succeed based on where the print jobs are sent from. The mappings on these settings are fairly straightforward and work mostly as expected. I’m not sure if there is a better way to set up this kind of behavior.

So I am at a loss as to what the root cause of the issue could be. I have attempted swapping the order of the Print Job actions being executed and that doesn’t seem to resolve the issue. The order tags don’t seem to be limited by Station (I don’t think you can do that anyways…)

Any ideas?

Show us screenshots of the print jobs and the templates. Likely you have it configured wrong but we need to actually see it. Templates control what you see on printout so its not printing the correct template this would be a configuration mistake.

It looks like to me a miss-configuration of the print job.

Thanks for your fast response!

A list of the Print Jobs:

And the following Print Jobs in Detail:

As I’m finishing writing this and testing the configuration, I am realizing now that neither of my printers are printing out order tags

Of note in the screen shot is that all of the print jobs are using the same Template as pasted above in my original question…

The groups are mainly separated by Product Group, Terminal and Printer.

Of further note:

Kitchen Printer from Cashier is a local Printer, Kitchen Printer is the networked and shared version of this same printer.

Sushi Bar Printer is the networked version of Sushi Bar Printer from Kitchen Kiosk. I know the naming is a little kludgy.

There is a problem with your Template.

You have no call to {ORDER TAGS} in the [ORDERS] section. You only call them in the [ORDERS:Void] section.

It should be like this (and note the Void section is changed to not print anything as well):


<span style="font-size:15px; text-align:left;font-family:'consolas'"> - {QUANTITY} {NAME}</span>


-- do not print


That was the issue! I guess in my head I hadn’t made the connection that you need [SECTION] AND you need {Items} inside of those sections which was my problem. Big light bulb moment! Thank you!!

Basically think of {ORDERS} as box A… What goes in box A is listed in [ORDERS]. Same goes for all of the other tags… the [SECTIONS] are templates for the {TAGS} in the top of your template. All [SECTIONS] should be at bottom of your template with exception of [LAYOUT] its always at start.

Some [SECTIONS] can contain nested formatting like example:


That means that for {ORDERS} it will show {ORDER TAGS} as well. and {ORDER TAGS} may have its own format section.