Order tags not refrshing if portion changed

I am writing this under questions becuase I am not sure if it is an issue. For me it is…

I have a pizza that has two portions. each portion has order tags. those order tags are the same but they have different price.

When I change portion form the selected order… it clears the order tags correctly, but in the ticket the order tags remain… with the original portion price…

and if I add he new order tags they are added instead of replacing the old ones…

Is there any way to clear the tags (in ticket, because in tag selection pannel they are cleared) when we change portion?



It is not a bug

J/K. Will work fine after next update.


BTW that probably was an Issue :stuck_out_tongue: I think you were the first Question that was actually an Issue instead of other way around lol.

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its not a bug, its a beetle… or FUSCA as they call it here…